28/09/2020 Further update on procedures for walks following increased COVID 19 Restrictions

After recently announced increased restrictions for members living in Trafford and Stockport, the following arrangements will apply for the October to December walks programme:

  1. the programme will proceed as set out.

  2. any leader who wishes to withdraw from leading their walk may do so. Could they please notify a member of the Committee well in time to allow another leader to be found.

  3. if there are more than six walkers on any walk, and they include people from the more restricted areas, at their request the leader will divide the group into two or more groups of six or less. The second group which should include some stronger walkers, will follow the first group at a good distance to prevent mingling. The arrangements at breaks should be such again to avoid mingling.

  4. if any member has concerns about these arrangements, please contact a member of the Committee.

22/09/2020 Further update on procedures for walks following COVID 19 Restrictions

The following should be noted for all walkers planning to join one of the WGWG walk:

  1. there is no need to book to join a walk

  2. all walks will require members to observe Covid 19 restrictions by social distancing

  3. members make their own way to the start of the walk, in time for the advertised start time

  4. all walkers will be required to give their names and contact details to the leader in case track and trace is required.

20/08/2020 Update following easing of COVID 19 Restrictions

The WGWG Committee have had an outdoor meeting to discuss the future arrangements for the walking group, now that COVID 19 restrictions are being eased. The minutes of the meeting are under the tab “Committee mtg minutes”.

The key points are:

1. It is hoped that an Autumn programme can commence from 1 October 2020 and the list of dates is being circulated. The arrangements are set out below.

2. There will be no limit on the number of walkers or need to notify the leader. There will be no meet and greet. Walkers will have to make their own way to the start and leaders will need to bear in mind the number of parking spaces needed. There will be no paper programme.

3. Leaders will have to make a list of walkers to satisfy Covid 19 guidelines.

4. The Wilmslow Walkers arrangements will continue during September, walking in groups of up to six. However they will be suspended from 1 October, when the WGWG programme takes over. If local areas go back into lockdown, Wilmslow Walkers may restarted.

5. There will be no AGM nor Christmas lunch walk.

6. WGWG will remain under the umbrella of the Guild for the foreseeable future. However until the future subscriptions arrangements are known, including how the missing 6 months of membership are to be dealt with, the Committee suggest that members do not pay a subscription to the Guild. The Committee will issue further advice on this when any discussions have been held.

7. The Committee believe this WGWG website should be revamped to make its use on mobile devices easier. Simon Duffy has kindly volunteered his expertise in this area.

8. The Committee wanted to thank Simon for his work on Wilmslow Walkers.


Peter Attwell for the WGWG Committee

21/07/2020 Wilmslow Guild reopening and current restrictions affecting walking groups

Wilmslow Guild has recently sent out an email concerning its plans for reopening. It does not specifically deal with Groups such as the Walking Group.

The Committee has considered the current position. As far as we are aware the Government coronavirus restrictions still place a limit of 6 people meeting outdoors. In addition the advice remains against sharing cars with people outside your family group. Both these restrictions mean that it is not feasible to restart the WGWG programme. Therefore until more easing of restrictions come into force, the Committee do not recommend paying the subscription to join the Walking Group as part of the Guild programme.

This position on our walk programme is similar to that shown on the Ramblers website. Even when the "six people" limit is lifted, the limit on car sharing will still mean walks should start from places with large car parks. As many leaders have found out on Wilmslow Walkers walks, even large car parks rapidly fill up especially at weekends.

Whilst the restrictions in the various forms continue, the Committee suggests that members consider joining the Wilmslow Walkers group, which is operating successfully. If you need help with the technology Simon Duffy is always willing to help.

Peter Attwell for the WGWG Committee

21/07/2020 Rose Monteath

Many members will have walked with Rose either on the occasional regular WGWG walks she came on or more likely on our holidays.

Rose is shortly to move back to her native Ireland. We all wish her well with her move in these difficult times and settling back down in her new home. We hope the walking is good and we will remember her for her good company on our future walks.

Peter Attwell for the WGWG Committee

12/05/2020 Holiday 2020 and 2021

Due to the corona virus crisis, the 2020 Holiday was cancelled by HF holidays.

Plans for WGWG holidays in future years are in abeyance until it is clearer how the crisis and Government restrictions on travel become clearer. This will also be affected for walking holidays outside the UK by the virus situation on other European countries and the availability of travel insurance.

Wilmslow Guild Walking Group Committee

11/05/2020 Corona virus crisis: Easing of lockdown measures

The WGWG Committee have considered the Government's current easing of lockdown measures. It appears you are now able to leave your home more than once per day and drive to somewhere to take exercise. You are allowed to exercise with one other person who is not a member of your household, whilst maintaining 2 metres distance from the other person.

The Committee believe that this relaxation is not sufficient to allow the Group to restart a walking programme. We will keep the measures under review with a view to walking again as a Group as soon as permitted.

Peter Attwell for the WGWG Committee