The Walking Group is a long established Group within the Guild for Lifelong Learning. The Guild is an Independent Adult Education Centre with around 3000 members providing many lecture courses, classes, day schools with quite a number of associated clubs and societies. The Walking Group has around 35 members and provides walks on Sundays and week days of various grades to suit all abilities from easy short distance walks through to demanding long distance ones. Numbers vary from 8 to 20 on each walk and average around 12 people. Occasional weekend away are offered along with the possibility of overseas walking holidays. 

Most walking by the group is done in Cheshire and Derbyshire, but sometimes they happen further afield.

Neither the Guild for Lifelong Learning nor the walk leader can accept responsibility for loss, damage or injury incurred on any of the Group activities. 

The normal abbreviation for the organisation is WGWG.

The Walking Group is a member of the Walking Partnership, for more details visit the website www.thewalkingpartnership.org.uk. This aims to provide direct financial support to the grass roots of the walking community in the UK through local walking clubs and societies. 


Membership of the Group for 2023/24 is £20. 

The Walking Group is run by a committee of its members for the benefit of its members. Committee members are appointed for 3 years.

Non members are welcome to join any walk subject to a charge of £2 per walk payable to the leader. 

Membership is paid for through the Guild for Lifelong Learning website, under the Clubs Tab, secong page. 

Members contact details

For security reasons it is not normal practice to openly display personal contact details such as a private email address or private telephone numbers on the web. Members share such information privately.  In particular leaders make their contact details available privately so that they can answer questions in advance and deal with any issues that may arise.

Walk grades and lengths

Leaders are asked to provide a difficulty grade for each of their walk proposals.

Leaders as asked to provide an estimated length with their walk proposals.

Standard procedures

Safeguarding Vunerable Adults

Folowing a one hour course on this topic by a Cheshire East lecturer arranged by the Guild, the WGWG committee want to draw members attention to the following principles to follow within our walking group activities:

For the Walking Group, I take reassurance that it is very unlikely any abuse will happen. We are not dealing with obviously vulnerable adults. Taking walkers on difficult paths is not in my view a form of abuse, unless it is deliberate to make walkers feel uncomfortable.

The only area to watch is where banter common between us turns into bullying. Could members please be sensitive to this and so as to allow quick intervention.

Maire Casey is the lead  on the Committee on this topic. If any member has concerns relating to Safeguarding, please speak to Maire or any member of the Committee.

Walk proposals

A spreadsheet is emailed round to all members containing a list of dates 3 or 4 times a year, typically providing 2 or 3 walks for each week. Any member may propose to lead a walk on any of the dates. Where there are conflicting proposals  the committee member responsible for the walking programme will discuss the issue with those involved and provide resolution.

Walks are not normally offered on Fridays or Saturdays.

There is no obligatory format for the advertising of the walks but the more detail leaders can provide the better members are at making good judgements about the suitability of a walk. Some are brief and some are long!

A detailed and comprehensive example would  include the following information:

A spreadsheet containing the final programme is email to all members. Leaders supply the website administrators with the walk information where it appears on the Walks page.

For the time being details of walks should be sent to pmattwell@hotmail.com for insertion on to the website.

To meet COVID 19 restrictions all leaders are required to complete an attendance record before the walk starts. A standard form is available for Carol McLaughlin or Peter Attwell

Starting points and transport: Current during COVID-19

The current arrangements for starting points and transport are different from those before the COVID-19 pandemic.  There is no meet and greet in Wilmslow. Walkers meet at the starting point of the walk specified by the leader, typically a location where people can park their cars. Cars are not currently shared except between members of the same household.

Starting points and transport: pre-COVID-19  - now suspended

The arrangements below are suspended until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At some stage in the future it is hoped to revert back to the pre-COVID-19 system described in this text for meeting and greeting at the start of the day.


A typical walk starts at a central location in Wilmslow that provides free parking. From there cars are normally shared to a parking spot at the start of the walk. At the end of the walk cars return to the central location.

Central location on week days

The Lindow Common Car Park, Racecourse Road, Wilmslow, SK9 5LW

OS Grid Reference SJ 83351 81414 

Lat./Long. 53.329425, -2.251223

Central location on Sundays

The Wilmslow Guild, 1 Bourne St, Wilmslow, SK9 5HD

OS Grid Reference SJ 84014 81076 

Lat./Long. 53.326370, -2.241508

Personal safety

Safety note for leaders

Ramblers Association  - Group Walks: Guidance for volunteers

Ramblers Association - Group Walks Risk Assessment PDF downloadable form

Leaders Planning the walk and risk assessment

For more experienced leaders and if the proposed walk is considered demanding and at a high level:

Leading the walk

Peter Attwell

Social media

Many members of the WGWG take part in a WhatsApp group to share photographs of walks. It is an  invitation-only 'closed' group.