The purpose of this archive is to store information about past walks. Leaders and other members might find it useful to view the details of past walks in order to repeat them. Routes that were available may now be closed to walkers and may no longer be in use.

The built-in search function (on the right-hand side of the main menu) can be used to search for key words within the site to find where locations are mentioned. The search function identifies pages that contain the searched for word. One can the select the page and then expand all content to display the content of the collapsible text boxes containing the search term.


Since the WGWG was originally formed about 1986 the mechanism of communication about walks, the level of detail, the type of information and the writing style will have changed. Doubtless all of these things will continue to evolve.

The archive walk information has mostly been extracted from walk programmes communicated on paper pamphlets, Excel spreadsheets attached to emails and details published online. As a result the format displayed here is varied and may not be the same visual layout as the original.

Within the years that are covered by this archive many of the walk details are no longer available and as a result cannot be displayed.

The WGWG walking calendar normally typically uses date ranges that correspond to normal calendar years, rather than the academic year of the Wilmslow Guild, and this archive reflects that arrangement.


Many factors effect the accuracy of an archive. Historically walk programmes have been regularly updated to maintain accuracy and this can result in multiple versions of the same document with identical names. This can sometimes result in archivists making mistakes despite their best efforts. Circumstances before or during the day of a walk may result in deviations from what was planned. Walks may have even been cancelled and never taken place and yet still be in this archive.t

The details are not maintained in any way to provide new information, they are simply historical records. Where originally contact information was provided it has been removed.

If any member wishes to help improve this archive they should make contact with a member of the Committee. Archives by their very nature are never complete. They contain data collected from different sources. They contain errors, omissions and inaccuracies. This archive will be no different - so use it wisely and with caution.