The gallery area is for the sharing of images taken on WGWG walks. The collection is subdivided into chronological groups.

Members wishing to have images included or deleted need to contact one of the website editors.

When submitting images please include any descriptive text you would like to appear below the image. Descriptive text would typically include the location. Individuals are not named.


The images are displayed in a selection of image carousels. The use of image carousels enable very simple maintenance, and make it straightforward to add or delete images.

The maximum number of images that can be included in an image carousel is 20. This is a technical limit that cannot be changed.

Each image is small enough to enable the display of each page of carousels without too much delay on a wired or a WiFi internet connection. However delay may be an issue on smartphones when using a mobile network with a slow/poor 3G connection. To enable speedy display many of the images will have been re-sampled (resized) to have a resolution of 1024x768 pixels and saved with a higher level of compression (80%) than was present in the originals. As such while they are unsuitable for printing they should appear suitably clear and detailed on a screen.

All the images in these image carousels have a standard 4:3 aspect ratio, which is the normal setting on a smartphone camera. Images that have been cropped so that they no longer have a 4:3 aspect ratio cannot be included.